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Finding Wings
Center for Healing 
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From Ericka McCann, Retired NP, Women's Health Care​

Christine Troples has been know as "magic hands woman" for many years. Rightfully so, as she has treated many individuals with many different infirmities and pain.

I happen to be one of those clients that began seeing her years ago for relentless back pain. I've had a total of 5 back surgeries, the last one being a 2 day event with 17 hours of anesthesia. Christine has been able to provide me with a level of comfor that no one else has for years. She was even able to straighten my spine (the beginning of scoliosis), over the course of many months and diligent application of her skills and knowledge.

I encourage you to make an appointment with her, no matter what or where you pain may be. You will be relieved and thankful. 

From Tory

I want to let you know I felt noticeably better today. Unusually low pain level and LOADS of energy! I attribute this to the work you did with me yesterday, the melt exercise you taught me that I did this morning and perhaps the cumulative of the other exercises I've been doing. Thank you so much! I believe your work (and very loving intentions) yesterday was a catalyst that perhaps has moved me to a new level in my healing. I am hoping so. At the very least it gave me one of the most painfree days I've had in a very long time. Beautiful!


From Anaundda
The last session was the best ever, and I have felt terrific ever since. I dare to say that the workshop you attended really impacted your work in a very positive way. I thank you for your intense focus on my body and your skill at making a positive change. When I feel good, I can give more and feel better about myself. SO THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! You are the best!

From Cindy Cleveland, Arroyo Grande, CA
My daughter hurt her wrist while playing volleyball. The doctors could not find a fracture and prescribed physical therapy and a brace for her wrist. After a few months of therapy there was no improvement or change in my daughters pain level. Christine came over for dinner and saw my daughters wrist and asked what was wrong. Christine then took my daughters arm and said "well of course it hurts her tendons are twisted and her wrist is on crooked!" She then twisted my daughters arm (we heard a pop) and all pain instantly disappeared. My daughters arm was back to normal in 30 seconds- thanks to Christine. 

From Susan Polk, Susan Polk Insurance Agency, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA 
Thank you taking care of my body so well and so completely. The last time I was to your office, you release some thing in my arm pits that then allowed my shoulders to glide freely for the first time in years. I can now swim freestyle without the normal click-click. And no more pain! I truly, truly appreciate you. Thank you for your love and care, Dear Lady.

From Randy Voss, DMD

I have found through experience that the true value of a therapeutical deep tissue body work is the realization weeks later that I continue to benefit from it! Christine has the anatomical training and knowledge to “get in there” and open up the tension and the knots that we build up. I appreciate her approach of looking at our wellness as a whole as well as figuring out and working all the players in our complex musculoskeletal system. I feel much better at work because of my enduring flexibility through her sessions and from the stretches that Christine has taught me to help maintain my physique. 

From Patty Hansen, Wichita, KS

The first time I came to Christine was in April of 2004, after right hip replacement surgery. I’ve always had one leg longer than the other, which caused my pelvis to slip out, and then, my back would ache.

I have three curvatures, one by my neck, another between the shoulder blades, causes my arms to go numb and the 3rd in my lower back, causes my legs to ache.

Right hip replacement fouled up my left knee. The doctors told me I would eventually have to have my left knee replaced that the cartilage was degenerating and now, over 10 years later and because of her work I haven’t had to even think about surgery!

Christine, Thank you, thank you, thank you… 

From Vicki Carter Hotaling

I came to Christine for Structural Integration work after six months of incapacitating back pain. I found no success with other treatments. She worked with my whole body to create a new realignment. In eight weeks i was able to engage in my favorite activity again. Christine's knowledge of body mechanics and its interactions are in comparable. her enthusiasm and love of her work is present in every session.

From Lisa Huck

Wow, wow, WOW! It’s a special day to find a therapist of the caliber of Christine
I've searched through countless practitioners in my 24 years as a Movement Therapist and Vitality Coach. She puts the harmony in dichotomy: practiced tactile skills with a highly-tuned intuitive touch; studied knowledge of anatomy with compassionate understanding of energy work; a thirst for learning with a unfathomable well of wisdom.
Even more unique was to experience her innate gift as she spoke to my body, literally and energetically, of healing and balance...and my body receiving trustingly with relief and ease. The final detail that positions Finding Wings as a referral for my clients and loved ones as one of their Vitality Dream Team is Christine's obvious passion for constantly deepening her work as well as the comfort of thorough professionalism.
Thank you for such a blessed experience.

From Wendy Cronin

I would like to thank you for your incredible work as a healer. I am amazed at the healings I have received from you. You always know exactly what I need and how to apply it. . After each session with you, I have always experienced life at a higher vibration. I feel as though you are a catalyst that helps me reach my higher purpose. Words have no expression for my gratitude; you are a gift to this world. 

From Don Dier, Direct Support Provider for People with Disabilities
First of all, I have to say that I was under the impression that a medical intuitive was someone who reads one's "aura field" to determine where illness is originating in the body.  But at Finding Wings, Christine does so much more than that.  During our session, she inspired me constantly with her expertise and insights.  And the techniques employed are unlike those practiced in other modalities I have experienced.  At every step I was amazed at the immediate feeling of wellbeing that I experienced.  Additionally, Christine told me to expect changes as my body responded over the days following my appointment, and she was absolutely right!  Christine has Magic Hands!

From Jody Nelson  Film Producer/Educator  Santa Barbara   

Christine Troples helped me find my wings! A true Godsend and blessing!
Christine Troples encouraged and inspired me to turn my life and health around to a life filled with less physical pain, stronger physical movement and mental, emotional clarity. 
For more than 20 years I struggled with numerous physical disabilities, including fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, chronic fatigue, depression and various structural impairments. After visiting over 250 doctors and alternative healers, I was at a point of despair. Upon meeting Christine, she reassured me that her work could help. After such disappointments with past healers, I was skeptical. During my first visit with Christine, these fears and beliefs were dispelled, as she imparted her loving, genuine, supportive spirit, which gave me the strength to realize true healing. It is not often that someone with such gifted healing skills would offer the kind of generous attention and care that she did. Christine not only helped my pain to lessen through her physical work, but she took the time and care to help me go deeper with understanding the roots of my pain and how it can manifest through my thoughts and beliefs. A true educator of body movement, she also taught me the importance of posture and proper body mechanics applied to daily activities. Christine is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives, innately understanding the healing process.  She exudes the highest qualities of an outstanding physical healer, and educator. Her passion and desire to learn and grow, reflecting upon her skills and client interactions sets her apart from her peers. Christine has been an amazing gift in my life. I now experience more freedom in movement, less pain, and a greater understanding of my body and mind.


From  James W. Jarvis Jr., Santa Maria CA 
I am a painting contractor. About 1 1/2 years ago a sharp pain developed under my shoulder blade.  I ignored it, reasoning it would go away like other daily aches and pains.  It got chronically worse.  I could not get my body into a comfortable position and I could not sleep.  I went to Doc-shops and got drugs.  I tried pain-killers and muscle relaxants.  The drugs had no discernible effect.  I tried chiropractic with minimal results.  The diagnosis: I had ribs displaced from the spine.  I tried acupuncture and got some relief.  When I tried to work the pain returned.  I gave up all my activities, trap shooting, hunting, fishing, kayaking and disc golf because of the  agony gripping my body and right arm. I could not paint. Lucky I have a good painting crew and I have not suffered an economic disaster.  Finding work for my crew became harder because people could see I was in agony and wondered if I could get the work done. Through my private MD I got an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon.  I had a 12 week wait.  I braced myself for the inevitable surgery.  Instead of an active retirement in a few years I was contemplating a sedentary retirement at 54. From the beginning of this ordeal friends were advising me to see Christine Troples at the Finding Wings Center for Healing.  With options fading fast, I made an appointment.  Working slowly and gently she began to push the pain from my body.  I got in 4 sessions in the 5 weeks before seeing the surgeon.  
I felt great, the feeling had returned to my fingers, the tingling in my right arm that felt like an electric shock was mostly gone, I could walk upright and the pained strain in my voice was gone.  I could sleep in any position.  After x rays and an examination, my surgeon said I had a soft tissue injury.  His advice was "No more Crackers (chiropractors) and keep seeing your soft tissue practitioner."  He explained that my chronic pain was common to my type of injury and that the best cure was soft tissue work.  He commented that getting patients to accept soft tissue work can be difficult, but it is super effective. Christine Troples, Hellerwork has given me my life back.  I recommend any one with chronic pain to try it. Thank you!

From Kalla Papovich

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my TMJ (and the rest of me)!!  It's really made a difference in every aspect of my life and I truly appreciate the wonders you do!  

From Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara

I feel truly blessed to have your healing in my life.  This work with you has not only helped to change my body and bring about healing.  It has also, in my mind and emotions and how I move through this world.  Thank you!

From April Hammitt
A few years ago I first met Christine, and she told me all about her work. The thing I remember most is when she told me she was similar to a "chiropractor for you muscles." I thought how interesting, and promptly pushed the thought to the back of my mind. For the next year I continued seeing my own chiropractor a few times a month feeling good for a day or two (at most) before things slipped back just the way they were before I had seen the chiropractor, but I didn't see anything else I could do about it. Until one day the pain was just too much, my shoulder just wouldn't move the way I wanted it too, and nothing I did was without pain. At this point my career was on the line - my profession is completely dependent on my arms and shoulders, but I still wasn't sure what to do, or where to go. Finally, I was forced to take a few days off because of the pain was so bad and while I was "down" I remembered Christine, and what she had told me. I called Christine that day, explained my troubles and she fit me in that very week. When I showed up I was unsure of the outcome, but at that point I would have tried anything for the pain. I left 1hr. later feeling better than I had in 4 years. My pain was so much less and my spirit was lifted, there was a light at the end of the tunnel . . . . and her name is Christine. I could see (and feel) how she could help me. I have been seeing Christine for a year and half now and not only does she fix me up every time I come in but she helps me learn new ways to help prevent the pain. For anyone who fights pain on a constant basis, pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night I would consider Christine's treatments an ABSOLUTE must. Christine is by far and away one of the most amazing healers I have ever met and I will be eternally grateful for all her help and kindness. 

From Julia Fairchild
I have had the privilege of working with both Christine and João on many different occasions, and I must say that once you've experienced their caring ministrations, you'll know what love is. Christine is an absolute miracle worker. She uses not only her superior knowledge and experience in her work, but also her deep wisdom and intuition. She is truly guided by angels, and in her capable hands, one feels surrounded by angel wings indeed. João brings to the Center her very capable massage and hypnotherapeutic abilities, and her work is a perfect complement to Christine's more technical, sometimes very intense sessions. I would encourage you to book an appointment with both of them, back to back, for a well-rounded and outstanding healing package. As a healer myself, I know that "the issues are in the tissues", and as Christine is excellent at finding and correcting physical ailments, João can help one to get to the emotional, mental and spiritual root of the problem, so that the healing is well-rounded and integrated on all levels. As a healing team, Christine and João offer joyful opportunity for achieving wholeness on all levels of the human experience.

From Erika Harris
I am a retired nurse practitioner. Interestingly enough, I met Christine on my last day of work. I retired after 30+ years of practice secondary to chronic back pain, after 4 back fusions. My posture was tilted to the left, & I was taking vicodin for pain. Over time, through diligence & her vast knowledge of the body, Christine has done more for me than contemporary medicine ever did. As an alternate health care practitioner, I can't recommend her enough to you. She is a composite of love, compassion & dedication. Plus, she loves a challenge! If you are suffering from pain, chronic or acute, take the first step towards restoring your health & pay Christine a visit. You will be surprised & pleased with the results.

From Tobey Crockett, Los Osos CA
I sent this email to a friend of mine recently, praising Christine to the skies, after she worked on me following a very bad ankle sprain.  I had barely been able to walk in and when I got up from the table, it was practically better than new, with absolutely no swelling, which was almost impossible, yet there it was.
“OMG.  She is truly a miracle worker!  I accessed something really substantial from my early childhood when I nearly died after a fall during our session and it seems to me that that old thing is laid to rest as well.  Very impressive.  And yes, I can walk.  Still a slight limp but she truly fixed it.  The swelling was gone after her work, which is astounding.  OK well enough gushing - you get the idea!  But if you want to invest in some healing, I'd really recommend her without reservation.” I want to add that I have had the great good fortune to work with Christine for about a year now and she is without a doubt the most amazing body/energy worker I have ever encountered, and that is saying something.  She has completed for me what ten years of talk therapy could not bring to a final closure: she has freed me from the fear and pain that decades of emotional, physical and sexual abuse had imposed upon me and for this I am truly grateful beyond words.  I would encourage those with deep seated psycho-somatic and physical issues to pursue an intensive course of healing with Christine and get your life and soul back, along with a smoothly functioning body.  She really is a gift to us all who need this kind of repair.  I call Christine my angel, and she is.  If you are looking for an angel – you're in luck.  She's here. 

From Blaine Tharp, Wichita KS
Dear Christine, Thank you so much for the bolster. I have been improvising until I could get one purchased. I have been in very little pain thanks to you. I feel more aware of what I can do and what I shouldn't do thanks to you. I am glad we made the journey to see you, and my wife certainly had a good time with her sister. Take care of yourself and the little helpers!  Smile and keep up the good work!

From Andrew Silvaggio, Entertainer
Being a fan of Hellerwork is like being a part of a special club, a club where you are free to initiate a new, healthier relationship with your body. 
Hellerwork has brought me closer to my body, more in touch with myself, and is teaching me how to deal with the emotional stress of day to day life.
Being a dancer, in my profession, my body is my instrument.  If I am not careful, I will have less than optional use of my body.  The work helps me with alignment, keeping everything feeling the right way. After having injured my back while lifting a dancer, I could walk only with a walker.  Being only 23 years old, I was terrified that my career might be over.  I went to a Network Chiropractor and it helped me immensely.  My recovery was slow but progressive. Then, my Network Doctor referred me to Christine Troples.  Combining Network Chiropractic and Hellerwork really picked up my recovery rate.  I'm stronger and more confident in my moves.  Yes, I'm gradually returning to dance. Christine Troples is someone I consider to be the best teacher of mind and body integration.  I look forward to our time together because I know when I leave I will be feeling better than when I came.  Not just physically, but also, mentally.  She is a healing spirit through and through.  I feel honored to be a part of her special club.  Thank you Christine Troples.

From Lorinda Troxler, Beaver PA
HELLO FELLOW MUSICIANS, This is to introduce a very gifted and talented friend of mine, Hellerwork practitioner, Christine Troples, a musicians' best friend.
I am a violist/violinist, graduated high school Interlochen Arts Academy, college New England Conservatory, teach string ensemble at Geneva College, string class at Beaver County Christian School, PA, violist with The Beaver String Quartet, violinist and assistant conductor with the Sewickley Symphony, violist with the Greenville Symphony, and maintain a teaching studio of over 50 students. My story with Christine has either a long or short version. The SHORT VERSION: My playing is more open and fluid. I can play for longer periods of time with less fatigue.  I no longer "twitch" in my chair looking for a comfortable position. The right hip sciatica pain is gone. THE LONG VERSION:
I broke a small bone in my left wrist and was in a cast for 3 and one half months.  I had (according to an Orthopedic hand specialist) best case, a possibility of 80% recovery.
Christine helped to correct my body that was twisted out of position from the fall that broke my wrist. When the cast came off Christine helped to free muscles and tendons, knowing instinctively what are to work on.  One month to six weeks after the cast was off, she was able to gently approach the area where the break had been, freeing tendons and muscles, releasing them from scar tissue.
I began playing again, slowly adding fingers and regaining finger strength.  When my fourth finger would catch and be hard to use, Christine was able to release a tendon from the elbow.  I had my fourth finger back and only had to strengthen it! Another victory accomplished with Christine's' help was getting back a lovely working vibrato.   (My students also got great vibrato help -  working to LEARN as I was working to RE-LEARN.)  I can do everything that I was able to do on the violin before the break. To keep playing the viola was a big decision, because it was harder physically and kept hurting and stretching long after violin playing was back to normal. Although occasionally "C string" playing will have me tell my quartet that we need to work on a different song for a while, my viola and I are now able to play a 2-2 and one half hour rehearsal with no problem! I can assure you that you can trust Christine with every body part related to playing your instrument.  And she will sensitively and intuitively help you to "fine tune" your body so that you can "fine tune" your playing. TWO AFTER THOUGHTS:
1. I took very good vitamins, minerals, calcium, glucosamine,etc. throughout this whole time, and continue to take them now. 2.  I am 50 years old.
From Erick Harris, San Luis Obispo CA
I'm a 53 year old nurse practitioner that retired in Aug.  '03, secondary to chronic bilateral back, hip and leg pain.  I've had 5 back surgeries, 4 of which have been fusions.  (My entire lumbar spine is fused.)  My last fusion in '02 included changing the metal plates at L4-5 to titanium rods.  Those plates had been in place 14 years.  I never became pain free after that surgery.  In addition, my posture then became forward and to the left.  I had to wear a full corset while working to help manage the pain/posture. Then, I had the incredibly great fortune to work with Christine Troples.  She has done for me what modern medicine/surgery failed to do.  She is extremely well versed in the human body and applies that knowledge in a gentle, caring way.  She goes further by listening to her teachers and trusting her instincts.  I noticed a difference after my first visit with her, but now after completing 13 sessions,! I am essentially pain free.  I am able to do the things I enjoy without having to take pain medicine after.  My posture remains corrected and straight.  I probably could return to work, however, I choose not to, as Christine has given me my life back, and I intend to enjoy it fully!

From Natalie Hart, Arroyo Grande, CA
My experience of Christine Troples was amazing!
I am a healthy 36 year old, single Mom, two boys, Austin and Travis, and a professional hair stylist. One day I bent over to put lotion on my legs.  I couldn't get back up.  My lower back was in such excruciating pain.  Now I can say I know what it feels like to have a knife turning in my back. Heard of the pain, never experienced it.
I went to the Doctor; tight muscle... pain killers, had never had the need to take them before. Went to the Chiropractor.  I was all lined up muscularly and still tight...Had a massage...1 1/2 hours - Still in pain. I couldn't believe that me, in pain couldn't bend over, walk fast across the street, stand, sit, et.  I was so impatient with my 2 boys and life.
I had met Christine Troples and had only heard of the word "Rolf or Rolfing", but I was wanting to be pain free. So, I thought to myself..."I'm gonna try this!"  I did and felt 80 to 90% better when I got off the table. Couldn't believe that in 1 hour I felt so much difference.  She told me to go home, take a sea salt bath.  I did, cause I was so amazed at how much better I felt, I wanted to baby myself to get the maximum result.  
I have been pain free, from receiving one Hellerwork treatment Method or should I say "Hellerwork treatment Miracle". Thanks Christine, I believe that I would still be in pain today if it wasn't for you!

From Neil J. O'Connor, Central Coast, CA
The Structural Integration sessions have been an education in movement and bodywork.  The greatest change for me has been with the curvature of my upper back.  
Since my sessions my upper back has straightened out and the pain between the shoulder blades has lessened dramatically.  My over-all health is better in a complete sense.  The release of tension from the physical as well as the emotional is wonderful.
I feel more at ease after each session.  If anyone has physical pain I would recommend this approach to find relief. Thank you Christine!

From Lynn M. Foley, CA
I am a 60 year old woman, who has been living in fear for the past 10 years.  With a family history of major back problems and a left thigh going numb, from knee to hip, I was not confident I would grow to a ripe old age, with minimal physical pain. Enter Christine Troples and Hellerwork. After my first treatment I was virtually pain free.  My hips no longer numb.  I could touch my toes.  I could walk straight without a limp.  I am exercising for the first time in my life and loving it, because it does not hurt.  Christine Troples and Hellerwork have taken away my fear. Respectfully, and feeling very blessed to have found Christine.

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