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Finding Wings
Center for Healing 
(805) 550-6163

Finding Wings begins with a consultation and hands on evaluation. Healing goals are identified and healing services begin. A typical session is 90 minutes and based on a series of eleven sessions. A series can be customized to meet a variety of needs and timeframes.


Sessions can include one or more of the following healing modalities:


Hellerwork through Advanced Structural Integration is state-of-the-art therapy for the body-mind-spirit. Hellerwork Practitioners receive holistic vocational training in deep-tissue structural bodywork, movement education, and attitude awareness through dialogue that is truly innovative.  Through the deep-tissue myofascial bodywork component of Hellerwork, clients find their bodies are more aligned with the forces of gravity, experiencing more ease in their movements, increased flexibility, improved breathing, a return of lost range of motion, improved balance, more comfort in joints and a greater sense of stability and support. Clients maintain a more youthful appearance, overcome the effects of a lifetime of soft tissue injuries and have a better chance of avoiding painful deterioration in the future. Click here to watch Robert Scherzinger describe his profession as a Heller Structural Integration practitioner (Hellerwork); and, provides the theory and application of Heller Structural Integration.

Visceral Manipulation

The visceral system relies on the interconnected synchronicity between the motions of all the organs and structures of the body. At optimal health, this harmonious relationship remains stable despite the body's endless varieties of motion. But when one organ cannot move in harmony with its viscera due to abnormal tone, adhesions or displacement (ie: accidents, trauma, surgery) it works against the body's other organs and muscular, membranous, fascial and osseous structures. This disharmony creates fixed, abnormal points of tension that the body is forced to move around. And that chronic irritation, in turn, paves the way for postural distortion, neuromuscular dysfunction, and disease processes.

Visceral Manipulation relies on the palpation of normal and abnormal forces within the body. By using specific techniques, therapists can evaluate how abnormal forces interplay, overlap and affect the normal body forces at work. The goal is to help the body's normal forces remove abnormal effects, whatever their sources. Those effects can be global, encompassing many areas of bodily function.

Biomechanics of Alignment

The Biomechanics of Alignment is a full body approach for correcting the structural misalignments that create pain and joint degeneration and greatly disturb equilibrium, balance and integrated movement.  Synthesizing various bodywork approaches into a holistic system, the Biomechanics of Alignment provide a totally fresh way of looking at the entire connective tissue and myofascial network. This approach, rooted in the work of Dr. Ida Rolf and the practice of Structural Integration, goes beyond basic biomechanics to create a reliable system of work that restores maximum health and function to the body. 


Reiki is an energy healing therapy, which helps the body's ability to heal itself through the flow and focusing of healing energy (Reiki means universal healing energy). During treatment, this healing energy is channeled through the hands of a practitioner into the client's body to restore a normal energy balance and health. Energy healing therapy has been used to treat a wide variety of ailments and health problems and is often used in conjunction with other alternative and conventional medical treatments.

Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing® is a body-awareness approach to trauma being taught throughout the world. It is the result of over forty years of observation, research, and hands-on development by Dr. Peter Levine. Based upon the realization that human beings have an innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma, Somatic Experiencing restores self-regulation, and returns a sense of aliveness, relaxation and wholeness to traumatized individuals who have had these precious gifts taken away. Peter has applied his work to combat veterans, rape survivors, Holocaust survivors, auto accident and post surgical trauma, chronic pain sufferers, and even to infants after suffering traumatic births.

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