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Finding Wings
Center for Healing 
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About Christine

Christine Troples is the founder of Finding Wings Center for Healing.  She is a remarkably intuitive healer with great sensitivity to the client's needs, using a subtle touch which has garnered her a loyal following.  Echoing what others have said in numerous testimonials, one client commented, "Christine is by far and away one of the most amazing healers I have ever met and I will be eternally grateful for all her help and kindness."

While Christine already has multiple certifications from the Institute for Structural Integration which follows the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, and in Hellerwork Structural Integration, she continues to learn new modalities to bring to the support of her clients.  She has studied Visceral Manipulation and the Biomechanics of Alignment with renowned teacher Liz Gaggini of the Rolf Institute and received advanced certification from Emmett Hutchins and Peter Melchior of the Guild for Structural Integration.  She is certified in Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine and continues to study Oncology Massage for People Living with Cancer with Brazilian teacher, Isabel Adkins.


Watch Christine's video to learn about her.

Christine's Philosophy

As many have learned in recent decades, a holistic approach to bodywork provides truly impressive results, whether as a significant improvement in one's overall sense of well being, or improving the health of those with a wide variety of specific conditions,  including chronic pain.  Indeed, these extraordinary practices have led to near miraculous healings for many patients who had otherwise despaired of finding relief, let alone permanent and deep resolution of their underlying health issues. Christine's reputation has developed with the support of her teachers, her community and most importantly, her enthusiastic clientèle who have always offered her the highest praise possible: outstanding word of mouth.

Christine uses a systematic ‘hands on’ process working with the connective tissue to realign the entire musculo-skeletal structure, restoring balance and ease to the body. Relying on her skills with Visceral Manipulation, she also evaluates the interplay of organs and other internal elements, discerning opportunities for improving wellness and balance among various bodily systems.  Whether the cause for a client's less than optimal experience of well being is structural in nature, as in bones and muscles, or more internal as in organs and soft tissues, Christine is able to skillfully discern the problem and works to restore the body to its innately healthy functioning.  The client's experience is a mind - body - spirit connection in which all parts are smoothly integrated and directed into harmony with one another. 

Remarkable connections between past injuries, somatic crises and ongoing physical and emotional issues allow clients to release stagnant patterns and memories and to move on to a state of higher well being.  With a greater freedom of movement and mind, clients now experience improved breathing, postural alignment, increased range of motion, freedom from chronic pain, reduction of stress and an enhanced sense of vitality and joy.

Christine believes that the body already knows how to be healthy and that we can best help it to do so by simply allowing and encouraging it in its own restorative processes. In the words of one of her late teachers, Peter Melchoir, "Structural Integration helps the client to feel as though they have been handed a pallette with more colors to paint their life."  

Designed to further enhance the work and results achieved on the table, these movements empower the client to continue their healing journey in a practical, safe and guided way.  Unlike many bodyworkers, she does not cultivate a client's utter reliance on her alone as a remedy, but rather aids the client in their journey towards discovering their own perfection and healing systems that are already fully in place. 

Christine's Journey

In the 1970, when I was growing up and began flying  (Mohawk Airlines), I never realized Wood Stock was happening in my back yard – I was a professional – not involved in the ‘movement’.  I now hear all kinds of alternative terms, hippie, whicken,  healer… However, I prided myself in being a professional.

By the time I was 38 my Mom had already had separate cortisone shots and simultaneous breast cancer and radical removal of each breast.  Then from working so hard as a young woman she had developed crippling arthritis at the base of her spine.  Given the diagnosis of living in a wheel chair or surgery (80% failure rate, but 20% chance not to live in a wheel chair), she opted for the surgery.  It took her 18 months to learn how to walk again.  With one 10th of   1% of a tilt on the platform she was lying on, the pressure was so great she would pass out from the level of pain.

Two years after the spinal surgery she was able to fly out to California and I took her to my Rolf Practitioner, Evelyn Lehner. Bent over and walking with a cane to stay upright, Mom met Evelyn.   Evelyn was 68 and my Mother was now 67.  They hit it off immediately. I remained in the room and watched.  What I witnessed seemed like a miracle to my eyes.  The mounded and tucked scar tissue left from my Mothers breasts being radically removed seemed to be melting away and smoothing out.  Then, Evelyn asked my Mother, ‘Kay, can you turn onto your stomach?’  My Mom said sure, completely forgetting that she hadn’t laid on her stomach in more than 8 years after the removal of her 1st breast|!  Mom’s spinal surgery area was still so sensitive that the Doctors could not even lightly brush her tissue at the site and yet, there’s Evelyn, 1st knuckle of her thumb, deeply working around the scar tissue.  With a really concerned look over her shoulder at me, Evelyn asked my Mom, ‘Kay, if I’m hurting you, you would let me know wouldn’t you?’  My Mother replied, ‘Oh Evelyn, I don’t know what you’re doing, but it simply feels marvelous!’

After Evelyn’s typical session, 50 minutes, my Mother got up from the table, dressed and we left her office.  After crossing the street we got into the car I had at the time, a Miata, very low hanging and challenging to get in and out of. Mom turned to me and said, ‘Christine Elizabeth…’ I looked at her with an okay, what have I done now look  and she continued, ‘I forgot my cane in her office!’  After we laughed incredulously and cried and hugged, my Mother wanted to go back in and retrieve her cane.  Meeting Evelyn at the door (who was coming out in an attempt to catch us before we drove off) they threw their arms around one another laughing. 

My Mother had several more sessions with Evelyn during that visit and continued to improve not only in posture, but in freedom of movement, emotional relating with herself and life and much, much easier breathing.



Christine is such a joy to have here at the studio! Her caring nature, radiant energy, and zest for life is truly inspiring! We appreciate her dedication to her path and all the support she offers the studio!

We asked Christine to tell us a little about herself and her yoga experience. Here's what she had to say:

What inspired you to start yoga? 

Okay,.... When I was 19 years old I was staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA and they had the coolest book shop.... 2 1/2 hours or so later I walked out with 23 books and one of them completely changed my life forever! Richard Hittleman's '28 Day Exercise Plan To Yoga'... I began following it religiously and continue to follow yoga religiously every day of my life!!! Oh, I was 19 years old. However, as early as I can remember I have been sitting with my feet behind my head and doing shoulder stands, etc. My Mom used to be amazed at how I twisted my body in to a 'pretzel'! Ha!

What keeps you practicing? 

What keeps me practicing? That's easy! Feeling amazing every day of my life is more than thanks to my yoga practice! I call it Doctor Yoga! Ha! Even the one or two days a month I take off from the studio, I have a small practice at home I do every single day, without fail... since forever ;)

What do you like most about the classes? 

What I like most about the classes, besides the most amazing and very best teachers I've trained with?... I love how, at 64 years young, my body always surprises me. It's all in the breath and your thoughts. Some days my body says, 'Gentle and slow, please.' Other days, 'You go Girl!' Staying in the moment, I have learned to do, for me, unthinkable postures.Although I continually attempt such. Just today, in Morgan's class, I did a forearm inversion ALL on my own! Blew me away and I held it and 'it was Great'!

How does yoga carry into your everyday life? 

Yoga in my everyday life is Life itself. I share the movements and postures and wisdom from my classes with my friends and my clients and my family. Everyone looks forward to what I've gathered next! Yoga inspires my soul and helps me walk in my truth and in my way. It renews my hope and my breath and my love of my life and all creatures. I am alive and well today because of yoga. Injuries that would have otherwise left me incapacitated, yoga has walked me back out of. I am truly beyond gratitude. Beyond Yoga = )

What do you enjoy outside of yoga? 

What I enjoy outside of yoga is gardening, weed pulling, it can be so meditative (very important no matter what position you're in lol). I also enjoy hiking, occasional kayaking, reading, teaching, my practice (, Helping people find their way back to their lives through my practice, having lunch and/or dinner with friends, cooking, traveling birds songs, showing gratitude toward all living things. A client gifted me a 'Bug Wand' a long while back. As Seen On TV, it's a long Lucite tube with a battery operated handle and gently sucks any unwelcome in the house bugs, spiders, etc. into the tube and you can safely take them outside. I love that!

We LOVE you, Christine! Thank you for sharing!!

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